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For years, I felt as if I lived under what I would call a cloud of resistance.  I felt stuck. Not able to move forward with new ideas and plans. I would constantly second guess myself.  It was as if I was living life constantly walking uphill with little reprieve and going nowhere. As I look back, I realize now, that this second guessing was from years of needing permission and/or acceptance from others.  With acceptance and permission, I would feel as if I finally had the energy I needed to continue to move forward, but only to be short lived. The problem with this was, if I wasn’t met with the acceptance and permission – I felt defeated and completely deflated.  I would not fully show up and constantly held myself back from following dreams and aspirations. 

When I realized that I was the only one that could give myself the permission that I needed – the permission to live fully, both in my strengths and weaknesses, my life changed.  

The only permission you need is yours.

Go get it.  Go do it. Go be it!