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I’m Tish Gabri

Dynamic Speaker & Presenter

Certified Life Coach

Speaking & Workshops

Allow me to bring a powerful and dynamic presentation to your event, conference or small group.  Check out my topics by clicking the link below!

Life Coaching

Let’s work together to find the clarity and direction you are looking for in your life!   Contact me today for a free 15 minute coaching session!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I love to help others seeking clarity and direction in their lives.  Together, we will  create a plan guiding you in your next steps to living in alignment and achieving all that you were created for.

        Click the link to  schedule your FREE 15 minute coaching session. 

Gain clarity & direction

Become confident in pushing through fear

Develop skills for consistency

Give yourself permission to live your best life!

Speaking  & Workshops

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your conference, workshop or retreat?  How about a speaker that can engage your audience and leave a lasting impression of your event that will stay etched in their memories for years to come?   If so, let’s talk!


Breaking The Mold

Are you tired of allowing other people’s expectations to determine your potential?  Are you ready to break free of society’s cookie cutter mold and become your authentic self?  Discover how to focus on what makes you uniquely and fabulously you!  Learn to reach your highest potential while living your life on purpose.

Crashing Your Comfort Zone

Staying within the familiar will only take you so far.  Recharge your life by facing your fears, embracing change, and stepping out of your comfort zone.  Learn from real world experience that will inspire you to take control of your dreams and make them a reality.

Level Up Your Life

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, uninspired, and unmotivated?  With nonstop demands on our time and attention it’s easy to get lost in the minutia of daily tasks and responsibilities.  Discover how to level up your life to find renewed purpose and meaning in the every day.  Take your life from ordinary to extraordinary by focusing on what truly matters and creating the life you deserve.

Selfies Upon Selfies

Let’s build ‘selfie’ awareness with this keynote and/or workshop!  We all know that knowledge is power.  The more knowledge and experience you have about yourself the more authentic, empowered, and forward moving you will show up in your life.  Allow me to show you, your audience and/or seminar group tools that can be utilized to build self awareness!

Let's be Crystal Clear

I am sure you have heard this age old saying, “communication is key,” however, do you know the 4 basic components to healthy communication?  Allow me to dive in deep with you, your team and/or audience to explore the 4-key components to communicating healthy and effectively.  Everyone will leave with a deeper understanding of communication styles and will gain tools and knowledge to engage in crystal clear communication.

Meet Tish

Tish Gabri is a Certified Life Coach with extensive experience in leadership development & motivation.  Tish has a passion for helping others find the path that honors their strengths. Drawing from her time as a women’s ministry leader, youth program coordinator, & homeless outreach advocate Tish inspires others with her real-life experiences imparting lessons learned to help others on their journey. 

A mother of three, active volunteer in her community, and friend to many, Tish has devoted her life to inspiring and uplifting those around her. She currently provides individual coaching, empowerment seminars, & keynote presentations, encouraging people from all walks of life to achieve their highest potential. 

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Tune In With Tish

Game Over

I always wanted to play with the boys…it was easier to navigate the boy world.  It was safer to play with the boys…a mangled knee was easier to manage than a bruised and rejected heart.  Boys took their hearts to the field…girls turned their hearts on one another. It...

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Keeping the Peace

It’s been easy and I would say an almost innate talent to jive to the rhythm of other people’s wants and needs, desires and commands.  It has been easy for me to be a follower and peacekeeper. It is as if I was born with a special DNA marker that makes going with...

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Loving Big

When you think about love and the idea of love, what and who do you think about?  Do you think about moments with your kids, your husband and or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend?  What about that furry pup in your life? For me, when I think about the idea of...

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